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tv   Newsline  NHK World  June 18, 2014 1:00pm-1:31pm JST

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hello there, and welcome back to "newsline." i'm yuko aotani in tokyo. first the headlines at this hour. iraqi forces have launched counter strikes to stop islamist militants from reaching baghdad. ukrainian government authorities are investigating to determine if a russian gas pipeline explosion was an act of terrorism. and residents from the evacuation area around fukushima daiichi are allowed to return home but they are still facing
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many obstacles. al qaeda linked militants are pushing closer to baghdad. they're locked in fierce fighting with iraqi troops and they are using the country's second largest city, mosul, as their stronghold. militants are battling to take control of baquba. about 50 kilometers north of the capital. they have fired mortars at a police station on the outskirts of the city. sunni extremists have advanced in areas where many sunnis live but baquba have large numbers of shia residents who support the government of prime minister nuri al-maliki and many have joined iraqi forces as volunteer soldiers. militants seized the western border town of qaim and taken control of tal afar which lies between mosul and syria. government soldiers are using land and air attacks to try and reclaim the region. u.n. secretary general has condemned mass killings by the
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militants. >> there is a real risk of further sectarian violence in a mossive scale in iraq and around its borders. >> he is urging political leaders to cooperate. u.s. officials suspect that many of the dead are civilians and government forces who surrendered. authorities in ukraine are trying to find out what caused a pipeline to explode and burst into flames. it was carrying natural gas from russia to europe. ukrainian officials describe the event as a possible act of terrorism. the pipeline exploded in a the central poltava region. gas is at the center of a dispute adding to tensions between ukrainian and russian leaders. officials with russia state gas company cut off gas this week citing unpaid bills. but they continued to send gas through ukraine for customers in europe. russian foreign ministry
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officials are demanding that ukrainian authorities investigate a separate incident. a reporter and crew member from russian state run tv were killed by a mortar in eastern ukraine. they were reporting on pro-russian militants in the region. iranian delegates and six world powers are pushing through to ink a deal on tehran's nuclear program. they have been meeting face to face since monday. representatives from the five permanent members of the u.n. security council, germany and iran are at the table. they're working to have an agreement in place ahead of the july 20th deadline. but both sides remain far apart on a number of issues. they still need to agree on the number of centrifuges used in uranium enrichment. and they're also divided over the lifting of sanctions placed on iran. an eu spokesperson says both sides are very realistic. >> everybody is aware that we
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are entering a phase of negotiations where things are getting quite intense. so we continue to work as hard as we can. >> analysts say both sides have started to meet with legal and nuclear experts to begin a framework for achieving a deal. but iranian deputy foreign minister told reporters there's been no concrete wording for a draft yet. the talks will continue until friday. britain and china are strengthening their economic ties. british prime minister, david cameron and the chinese premier li keqiang met in london and agreed to cooperate in fields such as energy, finance, and the environment. >> we have signed deals worth more than 14 billion pounds, securing jobs and long-term economic growth for the british and chinese people. >> translator: the uk has advanced technology that is suited to china's vast markets.
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together we can create a huge amount of energy. >> british oil major bp will supply china with liquified natural gas for 20 years. cameron welcomed increased chinese investment in a high-speed railway system and nuclear power plant construction. more than 80,000 people in northeastern japan know what it is like to be uprooted. the government ordered them to evacuate their homes in 2011 because of the fukushima daiichi nuclear accident. officials monitored decontamination efforts and judged that part of the zone was habitable and this april they lifted the order, allowing the residents to return. some people went home. we found out how they are trying to rebuild their community.
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>> reporter: nobody has seen this for three years. the kids came back to a school that stood empty after the nuclear accident. this part of the miyakoji district is 20 kilometers from the plant. it's the first place government officials lifted their evacuation order. but, only half the residents returned. some people are still worried about radiation, even though the government says the area is habitable. they also say the area is inconvenient. there aren't enough shops and hospitals in the district. municipal leaders are trying to entice people back. they built temporary shops. they also launched a taxi service for residents who don't have their own wheels.
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residents can use it to see a doctor or go shopping with a discounted fare. still, some residents worry the community could disappear. this woman is trying to keep it going. she and her family came home as soon as they were allowed. they had to move five times as evacuees. but they never forgot their hometown. >> translator: we are happy every day. it was good we returned soon. >> reporter: knowing only half the residents have returned she decided to create a place where everyone can get together. a traditional house her family owns was the ideal location. she remodelled it as a cafe.
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she was born and raised in the house. she returns the 150-year-old house was always full with many people visiting. her wedding ceremony was held there too. >> translator: this place gives my life meaning. i was born and raised here. i can't think of living anywhere else. happy times, hard times, sad times, i've had them all here. >> reporter: she hopes that this house can help areas with fewer neighbors. she opened her cafe earlier this month. [ applause ] residents came to help her celebrate. so did neighbors who haven't moved back.
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she is serving lunch in the cafe and organizing craft classes for residents. >> translator: i'm so happy i can come here. >> reporter: she knows rebuilding the community won't be easy with so many people staying away. >> translator: i shouldn't hope for too much. people who want to come back should, but i'm waiting. >> reporter: government officials have no concrete plans to lift their evacuation order from other parts of the area. meanwhile, she hopes her cafe will help transform her district into a place where people want to return. jun yotsumoto, miyakoji,
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fukushima. japan recorded its 23rd straight trade deficit in may but the deficit shrank for a second month due to falling imports. finance industry officials say the preliminary trade balance for may was $8.9 billion in the red. exports fell to $54.8 billion that's down 2.7% in yen terms from the same month a year ago. one reason exports declined was a slide in slipments of light oil and other fuels to australia. automakers also shipped fewer vehicles to the united states. imports dropped 3.6% to $63.7 billion. that's the first time in 19
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months imports have fallen. a decline in mobile phone imports from china and the impact of the weaker yen caused exports to tliedslide. japan's leaders are waiting to find out who will be on an special panel in north korea. its members will look into the fates of people abducted by north korean agents. officials in tokyo want to figure out if the panel will have any teeth. the japanese government says north korean agents kidnapped at least 17 people in the 1970s and '80s. five of them returned to japan in 2002. north korean authorities agreed to launch an investigation to find out what happened to the rest. they also said they would try to find out about other missing japanese. officials in tokyo say if they confirm an investigation has begun they will consider lifting some sanctions on pyongyang. the officials expect to learn who will work on the
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investigation as early as this week. they're waiting to learn if north korean leader kim jong-un will be directly involved. they also want to know if the panel will include a senior official of north korea's secret police. south korean business owners are breathing new life into old products. they are helping to fuel global demand for second-hand goods and this new line of exports is turning out to be profitable. nhk world's anna jung explains. >> reporter: this is a rental shop for wedding gowns in seoul boasting over 200 dresses. but it's a fickle market. wedding fashions change so often that the dresses have a rental life of only two years. cheaper dresses from china are also hitting the shelf's product life cycle. that means a growing stockpile of used dresses that can't be rented.
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so the shop owners came up with a solution. export. they posted pictures of dresses on the shop's website, triggering a surge of orders from overseas. the owners now export 500 old dresses a year. most are shipped to vietnam and other southeast asian countries. demand has been boosted by korean tv dramas which are popular across asia. >> translator: we can clear out old stock and make profit at the same time. killing two birds with one stone. >> reporter: korea's farm machinery industry is working from the same play book. this buyer from egypt has come to south korea to buy second-hand local machines. they are high quality and 70% cheaper than new models.
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demand is high in vietnam, thailand and africa, where rice farming is growing. >> the combine in korea very good quality and very good buys. >> reporter: competition to sell used farm equipment is growing. so this company has added small parts to its output of complete products. >> translator: we sell more than 200 containers of exports a year. making about $10 million. >> reporter: this may look like a pile of garbage but don't be fooled. these are all used household goods left behind when people moved. and they're now destined for export. even the smallest things, like this spoon and plate can be exported to other countries.
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usable items are sorted and stored in a tent for export. among the most popular are electric products and kitchen ware. the korean cultural boom mean many people like products that show the korean alphabet. so anything stamped with the characters is often twice as valuable. >> translator: we export to cambodia and countries in africa. we sell two containers of goods a month worth about $150,000. >> reporter: second-hand goods are a growing export earner in south korea, the business earns foreign currency and recycles unwanted items in the country's backyard. and popular culture is korea's shop window. anna jung, nhk world, seoul.
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world cup soccer host brazil were looking for a win to send them through to the second round. but they came up against a rock-solid mexican defense. goalkeeper ochoa was outstanding and the teams had to settle for a goalless draw. brazil's neymar came close with a header in the 26th minute. but ochoa was there to tip the ball to safety. in the second half, the brazilians stepped up the pressure but neymar still could not beat mexico's man in goal. brazilian captain thiago silva came close in the closing stages but ochoa was in the right place again. brazil face cameroon next and the point will be enough to send them through.
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so it is brazil and mexico leading group "a" with four points apiece. cameroon and croatia face off on wednesday in a battle for survival. in group h, russia and south korea were the last two to appear at the tournament. the game was goalless until 68th minute. then a player took a long-range shot and the russian goalkeeper fumbled the ball into his own net. six minutes later, a russian substitute levelled the score after a goal-mouth scramble. russia piled on the pressure in the closing moments but couldn't find a winner.
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the match ended 1-all. in earlier group h action, belgium met algeria. algeria took the lead in the first half with a penalty. the belgians waited for the 70th minute to reply. the substitute had been on the pitch five minutes when he found the net. ten minutes later, a fellow substitute scored the game winner. belgium beat algeria, 2-1. belgium leads group h with three points. south korea and russia are on a point each. and that was tuesday's action in brazil.
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members of unesco's world heritage committee are expected to add a 19th century japanese silk mill to their sites. women from across japan are celebrating early by creating a special gift for the mill. >> reporter: all the people at the mill in tomioka are keeping their fingers crossed that the building receives world heritage status. in 1872, it was the first silk mill run by japan's government. young women from across japan lived and worked here. the raw silk they produced earned vital foreign currency. the mill closed in 1987 but no one has forgotten its contribution to modernizing japan and to the international silk industry. flowers decorate the mill. tourists crowd the premises anticipating world heritage status. >> beautiful. >> translator: this is soft. >> reporter: these flowers are made from silk cocoons. about 60 women from all over
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japan made the flower cocoons. they were led by artist tomiko sakai. she was inspired by the first time she saw a silk cocoon 25 years ago. she was determined to use the beautiful round shape to create flowers. >> these cocoons won't become raw silk but i hope they are happy to reborn as flowers. >> reporter: to make a flower cocoon you first strip away the many layers from the interior. each layer will become a petal. it took four silk cocoons to create this rose. cocoons dyed yellow and green
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were used to create the flowers sent to the mill. peeling away the many thin petals requires precision and creating a beautiful balanced flower design requires great focus. >> translator: it's a shame to waste these scraps after the silk worms worked so hard to create them. >> reporter: the scraps were trimmed from flowers edges. they are used to make flower buds. work began a year ago as people looked ahead to the world heritage designation. the team used 4,000 cocoons to complete the work. the golden light from these blossoms reflect the glory of the tomioka silk mill. today the flower cocoons are
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unveiled, made for the bid for world heritage status, they were handed over to the city of tomioka. >> translator: i'm very moved by this gift. because it comes from kyoto, one of the greatest world heritage sites. >> translator: we all worked hard flower by flower because we all wanted to win world heritage status and i'm so pleased with the result. i think it will help japanese people and foreigners to appreciate the beauty of japanese silk. >> reporter: in full bloom, the cocoon flowers celebrate the mill's anticipated status as a world heritage site. and time now for a check of the weather around the globe. people in the u.s. midwest were hit by strong tornados. to find out the latest, sayaka
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mori join us now. >> people in the midwest were suffered by a tornado outbreak on monday. about 32 tornados were reported and two hit parts of nebraska. this was the damage done by the two twisters. powerful tornados battered the town of pilger in nebraska. two people were killed in the devastation. a state of emergency has been declared. officials estimated that 50 to 75% of pilger was badly damaged and the town's school is beyond repair. the reason for the severe weather is that two air masses are crashing into each other. one here is cool air from the north and the other is warm and humid air from the gulf of mexico and still severe weather could happen in similar locations over the u.s.-canada border. more tornados could happen along with thunderstorms and large hail and the rain will continue
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the risk of flash floods will remain. there is no precipitation for the southwest and even clouds are developing but the rain could evaporate before it reaches the ground. lightning could create more wildfires in the southwest u.s. temperatures are as follows, chilly for the time of year in the northwest, 18 in vancouver but seasonal for the rest of the u.s. and canada. 35 degrees in columbia, south carolina and 30 in washington, d.c. and staying hot for the next couple days. still hot in columbia and washington, d.c. into the weekend. down to the south this is the forecast for your wednesday in brazil. three matches are set and 32 in
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manaus with daytime thundershowers, downpours are expected. and 33 in rio de janeiro with high humidity. and on thursday, a match between japan and greece is set. 39 degrees and thunderstorms could happen. that could affect the field conditions. sao paulo, 17 degrees. a big cool down for your thursday. across japan, a seasonal rain band is expecting southern areas of the country. by tomorrow, clear conditions will come back and temperatures will rise. spotty thundershowers expected from hokkaido down to the tohoku region. and more rain for the southeastern corner of china. watch out for flooding and talking about flooding, severe flooding is ongoing over the whole of italy. it should be a dry season during this time of year but rain will
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likely continue at least through your friday. saturday should be okay. but ongoing heavy rain will raise the potential of flooding and landslides further. temperatures are comfortable in many places thanks to the northerly winds, berlin at 23 degrees. 21 in london with dry conditions and chilly for this time of year in moscow. 13 degrees for the high with a low of only 5 degrees. here's your extended forecast.
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and that's all for now on this edition of "newsline." i'm yuko aotani in tokyo.
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thank you very much for joining us.
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4.6 billion years since its creation, the earth has continued to surprise us with its natural wonders. great nature, images that inspire and delight. nature as artist, sculpting and carving out the land. >> lake baikal, locals call it the pearl of russia. it's the oldest and deepest and most buy logically diverse fresh water basin


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